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Winter is coming



The weather in Texas is under-ratedily talked about I feel. The fall and spring is about as bipolar as it gets. Where it can be a common autonomous desicison to use your vehicles air conditioning and heater in the same day.

Hoodies are common uniform, during winter, the outside temperatures determine how many said hoodies are worn in layers for that given day. Its a crap shoot if you guessed correctly and will spend the day suffering carrying extra jackets around because the sun came out and helped you with a weird Tanline. Or guessed too few, and are forced to painfully shiver from vehicle to building.

I usually like to play it safe. The comfy t-shirt base layer, the hoodie, and if its in the 40s. My jacket comes out. Ive always had big coats. Im not exactly a small guy, but big coats just make more since. Im protected from all most of the elements that I would encounter.

Cold? I’m warm.

Freezing cold? Extra hoodie, I’m still good.

Raining? water resistant.

Wind? Makes me wore thicker pants. Heat? It comes off.

But why does someone feel the need to judge how big my coat is by how cold it currently is.

“It’s not THAT cold!” Bitch, I’m warm and comfy, you can fuck the hell right off!

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