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Why do grocery stores bother with in-store coupons?

HEB Aisles

Perhaps, I just don’t get the idea behind it or how coupons work. I understand the manufacturers of goods issue out vouchers to vendors to get consumers to purchase their goods at their store outlets. Everybody wins. But why does the printed voucher have to be a part of this? Does someone at the end of the night actually mail all the vouchers back in to the manufacturer in order to receive the stores rebate check? Honestly? this day in age, they still have to have a printed copy of a receipt before we honor a transaction? When we can go a good long while without using cash for anything. School lunches are paid on an account that is funded over an Application on a website. Paychecks, taxes, rent, utility bills, purchasing a vehicle and streaming entertainment can all be done without one scrap of paper being used by the consumer.

HEB Instore Coupons

However my local H-E-B grocery store still recommends that I rip off a yellow piece of paper from an aluminium ring and give it to the always friendly cashier before I can save 55 cents on my package of bacon. Why don’t you lower the price? Why not just offer the lower price automatically with an HEB app? Encouraging people that would save money if they signed up and used the app that automatically applied their coupons when they used their Application which could give display ads of deals, save time applying coupons, and free up a ton of man hours printing and stocking those yellow coupons. You could even provide analytics of how much overtime the customer was saving by shopping at HEB. You would even be able to apply receipts to accounts and save by not having to print receipts. Saving a ton of time and resources and progressing to the Future.

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