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When emotions Hit.


Neurons and impulses can change a mood and set emotions in an instant. Especially anger. I think some people cant help but get angry and some times. Perhaps because they are so unhappy in their situation things become intollerable.

Another basic human emotion, is needing to have a home. Even for the wanderlust, they know which direction to travel away from until they miss what they left behind if anything. Having a place that feels right, and a safe haven is a luxary yet can be so over looked.

Anger in the home. When you don’t feel welcome in your own home any more. And when home isn’t home anymore. It’s time I bought my own home I can’t be pushed out of. Or walk on eggshells around because it’s easier than dealing with a fear of they don’t like me, and they are annoying me on purpose, I’ll show them. Seems like all a big misunderstanding. Until you see the monster they are when they live with you.

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