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The todo list dilemma


Things have been interesting lately. I thrilled about having new clients for my website gig. Having the time in front of my magic box to create has been the challenge. I have found that keeping a checklist keeps my focus for the things i forget i need to have completed.

Ive heard before about how keeping todo lists are a waste of time. Thats where ideas go to die. I call BS. Im learning things that i heard and remembered but didnt understand when i started being interested in what actually hppens with my money. Take advice with a grain of salt, filter the ideas with what gives you results and dont be afraid to try something different when it gets hopeless, and it will get hopeless. So i hear dont make todo lists, have action and do it. Maybe thats the trick, im constantly looking for somethjng to grind on but get frustrated when i cant focus on working instead of getting lost somewhere between facebook and instagram.

Todo lists are a system, if you work the system that works for you.

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