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Rick Springfield Day


I never imagined I’d ever be at a concert like this. I didnt think these bands still toured, much less still produced new albums. Rick Springfield wished that he had Jessie’s girl, and my wife had childhood dreams of being said Jessie’s girl. So, there is no guess to what brought me to this event. I wouldn’t say that Rick Springfield and the other bands that are on the tour were one hit wonders, they were artists of their time.

And it was just before my time, and not my era I guess. I remember seeing a loverboy album cover on cassette tape or a poster in my cousin/maybe young uncles room when I was a kid about ’86. I thought the band name had silly and I guess inappropriate name to be repeated without humor from my step-grandmother Eileen. I still dont think I’ve ever heard a single song from them. Which beyond Jenny from Tommy Tutone and the forementioned Jessie’s girl, I’m going to be hearing these songs for the first time. I’m not fully excited for myself, much more like being able to provide a bucket list item being checked off for her.

I’ll get to be at my show next week for Days N Daze and Bridge City Sinners. Which I’ve been told is BCS’s first time in Austin. Which is historical to say the least. I cant wait for that. Everyone I’ve introduced them to, just loves Libby and her awesome acoustic Band.

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