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My housing situation


Imagine buying a cheap whore for the evening. You bought her about $120 worth of drinks, and paid her $1000 to let her know you are interested. It rains as you are taking her by your place, she gets all wet and shows you what it’s like. And she is soaking wet. Like ‘FLOODED’ you park the car and go down to take a look at this hot wet mess. And you notice the herpies from the backwash of all her clients down the line. You claim issue that this is gross and you can’t put my things in that. Then she shows you her ass, well how about some of this Anal. It smells like a litterbox and is disgusting. You decline that offer as well. She says well I just spit out my last customer. So how about a makeout session and a handjob. Her knuckles looked like she punched holes in the walls, her hands were splintered with wood. Her mouth was like she smoked more than an entire VFW hall. Just seeing what she had to offer makes you want a hot shower with lava soap. You decline all of her offers and ask for your $1000 back so you can go get something beautiful and cared for so you can get some loving that you saw 4 blocks over. Even though you know full well she is prolly going to try and keep that $1000 and you are just hoping she doesn’t call her pimp for not giving the rest of the money you agreed upon. She even says she will take her valtrax for the herpies. It’s not going to work fast enough to repair that damage. You just want you money back so you can that pretty thing with that nice bro pimp.

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During the Pandemic

I relived hell in a hospital This is a letter I sent to my employer in asking to remain working from home