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Jury duty


So here is a new experience for me. Getting the opportunity to serve as a juror in Travis Co. I’ve never been given a jury summons before, but first time for alot of things this year. Good and bad alike.

I called at 11am-ish like instructed to see if I would even need to show up. When I called I was told that I was indeed expected to be there, bells excluded. I was able to finish up my last emails, grab a sloppy potato from the lunch line, print up my parking pass and be on my way.

20minutes later, passing the homeless shelter I found the free parking across the street, threw on a polo shirt over my DirectHit x Fat Wreck Chords tshirt and crossed on over to my court room where I was expected.

Everyone was super nice and almost appreciative that I was there. Doing a civic duty has it’s own reward. I dont quite understand that sentiment. It’s like that old adage of a task no one wants or knows how to do so ‘let the maid clean it up’ kind of gig. Like signing up for the draft and voting. Without some volunteer initiative nothing that we depend on no one in their right mind would volunteer to this sort of imprisonment. The money isnt worth it.

The biggest problem I saw is finding unbiased judgements of people. Say someone was robbed and never got any justice over the incident. They may not be able to separate the 2 unrelated incidents in order to say the opinion of a guilty or innocent.

Luckily in my jury duty experience I returned from the restroom just as the judge was announcing that we were dismissed and our duties fulfilled just for showing up and waiting. Both trials were not going to need a jury that day.

2 hours later I was back at work getting asked why did I return to work, and they would have gone straight home. I guess i have a better work ethic and rubbed it all in.

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