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Bearded Dragons aren’t exactly for beginners


I went to petsmart early this morning to get some crickets. I normally have dubia roaches on hand, but they arent reproducing as quickly as I would expect. Hungry dragons aren’t going to wait for USPS to deliver their supply. I was getting down to the bigger of the small bugs. Which isnt a good place to be in when trying to establish a growing colony. Little ones have to get adult size and making their own wee ones to complete the cycle. As they get older they reproduce more. It will probably be a few more months before that happens. So when getting too low I have to grab crickets in the meantime to keep my growing dragon feed and happy.

I dislike crickets. They dont stay where you put them, smell, die quick, are a pest if they get loose in the house, and produce alot of waste. But they are easy to obtain from the local petsmart for 11cents each for a quick fix. They also sell bearded dragons and have them labeled as a beginner pet.

This isnt exactly accurate. However bearded dragons are the king of chill

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