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The US trailer

I had gotten invited to hangout with a quasi famous, atleast to me bassist that just happens to be in one of my most favorite bands this week, plans got crossed and perhaps another day we will hangout, now that i know he lives in Austin too. I had to pass on Blazer tag to check out the new Jordan Peele movie ‘Us.’ Everyone ive informed ill be seeing this immediately turned green with jealousy. Myself have been waiting to see this one as well. I like everything Ive seen peele do so far, it’s smart and funny. Reminds me of how Tommy Chong was a brillant actor, Chow from the hangover whose a fricken Doctor turned comedian.

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The todo list dilemma

Things have been interesting lately. I thrilled about having new clients for my website gig. Having the time in front of my magic box to create has been the challenge. I have found that keeping a checklist keeps my focus for the things i forget i need to have completed.

Ive heard before about how keeping todo lists are a waste of time. Thats where ideas go to die. I call BS. Im learning things that i heard and remembered but didnt understand when i started being interested in what actually hppens with my money. Take advice with a grain of salt, filter the ideas with what gives you results and dont be afraid to try something different when it gets hopeless, and it will get hopeless. So i hear dont make todo lists, have action and do it. Maybe thats the trick, im constantly looking for somethjng to grind on but get frustrated when i cant focus on working instead of getting lost somewhere between facebook and instagram.

Todo lists are a system, if you work the system that works for you.

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