New Websites are being made

New Websites Are Coming

New Websites are coming and now I think This will have to be a lame way of Editing my posts before publishing them.  Damn you free plugins.



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Getting work completed

Getting work completed

I took this weekend to get a todo list completed. I’d say for the most part I completed it to the best of my needs.

There are some aspects that need some additional work and time. But I feel if I really devoted the time to my present skill level it would leave no time for the rest of my todo list and I would not feel as accomplished as I do for completing as much of my list as I have.

I almost feel I could use another weekend from my weekend. But it wasn’t so bad. Kinda like spending it at a workshop, or helping a family member move. It was for the greater good it seems. At least I learned a few things, and most important. What I still need to learn.

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