Yard birds

During the last conversations with my neighbor/landlord. We had asked about if he needed a chicken sitter for his backyard coop that he is. He seemed happy to talk about them and gave us permission to keep a small flock of our own.

I have never kept chickens before, I could count how many times ive been close enough to touch a chicken on one hand.

But here we are. Among the chickening. Shopping for a decent coop will be a pain in the ass im sure, but picking out the pullets will be fun to see Danger boy excited to have pets. Even if they are just yard birds.

Chickens seem to act like content people on auto-pilot i feel. Getting into other peoples affairs. Gossiping in matters to stir up problems. Establishing a crude pecking order to determine who gets the favored spot. This should be very familar to anyone becoming complacent with their surroundings. Trying to make their life just a little more joyful. Hunting and pecking through through the grass to try to find something tasty to stuff in their gullet. Not unlike finding a place that sells cakes pops and a starbucks for the basic whitegirl. And not sharing with the others, because it is expected that the other hens would not share with them. Dog eat dog, chicken will feed itself, ive heard they may eat other pretty things that are found in the yard. But not collecting

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