Fat dragon

2x Sf18 – silky tofu with seafood in claypot

Korean style udon – pork and shrimp

Honey glazed shrimp

Lemongrass chicken soup dumpling

Lotus paste buns

Chocolate fudge soup dumplings

2 Iced tea

2 beers

$4.20 tip



Happy Birthday, Tammy. We love you.

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Yard birds

During the last conversations with my neighbor/landlord. We had asked about if he needed a chicken sitter for his backyard coop that he is. He seemed happy to talk about them and gave us permission to keep a small flock of our own.

I have never kept chickens before, I could count how many times ive been close enough to touch a chicken on one hand.

But here we are. Among the chickening. Shopping for a decent coop will be a pain in the ass im sure, but picking out the pullets will be fun to see Danger boy excited to have pets. Even if they are just yard birds.

Chickens seem to act like content people on auto-pilot i feel. Getting into other peoples affairs. Gossiping in matters to stir up problems. Establishing a crude pecking order to determine who gets the favored spot. This should be very familar to anyone becoming complacent with their surroundings. Trying to make their life just a little more joyful. Hunting and pecking through through the grass to try to find something tasty to stuff in their gullet. Not unlike finding a place that sells cakes pops and a starbucks for the basic whitegirl. And not sharing with the others, because it is expected that the other hens would not share with them. Dog eat dog, chicken will feed itself, ive heard they may eat other pretty things that are found in the yard. But not collecting

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Rick Springfield Day

I never imagined I’d ever be at a concert like this. I didnt think these bands still toured, much less still produced new albums. Rick Springfield wished that he had Jessie’s girl, and my wife had childhood dreams of being said Jessie’s girl. So, there is no guess to what brought me to this event. I wouldn’t say that Rick Springfield and the other bands that are on the tour were one hit wonders, they were artists of their time.

And it was just before my time, and not my era I guess. I remember seeing a loverboy album cover on cassette tape or a poster in my cousin/maybe young uncles room when I was a kid about ’86. I thought the band name had silly and I guess inappropriate name to be repeated without humor from my step-grandmother Eileen. I still dont think I’ve ever heard a single song from them. Which beyond Jenny from Tommy Tutone and the forementioned Jessie’s girl, I’m going to be hearing these songs for the first time. I’m not fully excited for myself, much more like being able to provide a bucket list item being checked off for her.

I’ll get to be at my show next week for Days N Daze and Bridge City Sinners. Which I’ve been told is BCS’s first time in Austin. Which is historical to say the least. I cant wait for that. Everyone I’ve introduced them to, just loves Libby and her awesome acoustic Band.

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The new house

I’m getting my own place again. I really despise moving day. The day lasts forever, rarely people that I expect to show up do. Hoping it doesn’t rain. Something breaks, something given away that shouldn’t have been.

A big anxiety is not being able to shower for lack or towels, cant make food because the kitchen is a wreck. Cant sleep because sheets are hidden somewhere.

I guess if a few of those things were taken care of it would be more tolerable. I always end up doing most of the lifting though.

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My housing situation

Imagine buying a cheap whore for the evening. You bought her about $120 worth of drinks, and paid her $1000 to let her know you are interested. It rains as you are taking her by your place, she gets all wet and shows you what it’s like. And she is soaking wet. Like ‘FLOODED’ you park the car and go down to take a look at this hot wet mess. And you notice the herpies from the backwash of all her clients down the line. You claim issue that this is gross and you can’t put my things in that. Then she shows you her ass, well how about some of this Anal. It smells like a litterbox and is disgusting. You decline that offer as well. She says well I just spit out my last customer. So how about a makeout session and a handjob. Her knuckles looked like she punched holes in the walls, her hands were splintered with wood. Her mouth was like she smoked more than an entire VFW hall. Just seeing what she had to offer makes you want a hot shower with lava soap. You decline all of her offers and ask for your $1000 back so you can go get something beautiful and cared for so you can get some loving that you saw 4 blocks over. Even though you know full well she is prolly going to try and keep that $1000 and you are just hoping she doesn’t call her pimp for not giving the rest of the money you agreed upon. She even says she will take her valtrax for the herpies. It’s not going to work fast enough to repair that damage. You just want you money back so you can that pretty thing with that nice bro pimp.

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