The commute #1

So this is the way I think is probably best to start blocking it’s a voice to text on my phone as I’m driving in traffic I can go ahead and get all my mark post my copy my written creative content if you will on paper stop me really having to funk around and rumor grammar spelling are basically just inconveniences of a gooey after I’m not really familiar with There will be some editing why is July and not gooey July GUI not July GUI thank you. Space yeah Suffolk that anyway Yes there will be some editing for this but at you believe is right way to go ahead get a lot copy out all what’s kind of talking how I talk anything hands free version where I can go in the group

So I from watching a lot of videos lately on how to do passive and calm and the streams of revenue is that for some tire work for the job

Tired of living pay check to pay check I’m tired of sometimes being able to get bio mine did not really what I need is on house never have to worry about between patients which I’m a that’s gonna be a constant adult thing is paying out money sometimes especially when you grow your own business I’ve heard that there it takes a certain type of person to be an entrepreneur minus the maneuver

With all these options are can available I’m not really looking for O what’s gonna be the easiest or what’s gonna make you the most money it’s what’s not gonna waste my time

It’s not so much that I’m scared of doing and/or maybe a little scared of failure but I wanna make sure what I’m doing is what’s going to phuket work poly the same fear a lot of Oxford are actually have so much editing editing dumb a**

Copy writing is supposed to be cells on salesmanship on printWhich is great as I don’t like really interacting with customers all that much.. It’s it’s the aquanauts it’s not aquanauts awkward miss this awkwardness So copy rating is salesmanship on print is easier to me not just because it’s easier but the Actor frighting and manipulating words is easy or for me instead of actually being easy in general anybody can really go ahead and write not everybody you can write well. I was lucky enough to of the adaptive right skills paid attention to the rules of writing some of these rules of actually become outdated I’d never thought I’d live to see the day when these little graphical client for example 2 spaces after a. In a in a paragraph that’s doesn’t apply anymore the currently that shows ones H when age when using that ingrained role that was for typewriters nobody uses typewriters so roe goes away the role was automatically placed in work process to give that 1st capital letter after a. Or! Of punctuation mark ending the Sennett’s they gives it a little more space away from that for a visual cue it has nothing to do with like where apostrophes go anything a port that really shows ones English education

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When emotions Hit.

Neurons and impulses can change a mood and set emotions in an instant. Especially anger. I think some people cant help but get angry and some times. Perhaps because they are so unhappy in their situation things become intollerable.

Another basic human emotion, is needing to have a home. Even for the wanderlust, they know which direction to travel away from until they miss what they left behind if anything. Having a place that feels right, and a safe haven is a luxary yet can be so over looked.

Anger in the home. When you don’t feel welcome in your own home any more. And when home isn’t home anymore. It’s time I bought my own home I can’t be pushed out of. Or walk on eggshells around because it’s easier than dealing with a fear of they don’t like me, and they are annoying me on purpose, I’ll show them. Seems like all a big misunderstanding. Until you see the monster they are when they live with you.

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