Sunday Salon Day.

Today, I am adding beauty to my loved ones, and sharing a skill I have developed and enjoy. Dying Hair bright colors. The trick is to keep the hair healthy, with the shampoos and conditioner I recommend, along with a safe bleaching technique and excellent pigmentation hair safe dyes. Danger Mom is getting purple added to her ‘natural’ blue. And Danger Boy has decided on a blood orange to go under his last oil slick color choice.

It has about grown out and cut off before the color completely fades. This dye is awesome!

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The need to write.

Alot of time has passed since I have really written anything well. I believe it is due to lack of placing it in my schedule along with other daily tasks of personal hygiene and messaging the spouse my commute was safe and successful after arriving at the office. I need to make it a priority not to chase my tail and sit down and create something.

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